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The world of contracts is one that has been around for centuries, and no matter whether an agreement was crafted yesterday or decades ago, they all follow generally the same principles. They include parties who exchange something between each other, each party involved is expected to perform a duty, and the agreement memorializes all the terms between the parties. As a result, crafting and protecting a contract doesn't wait until someone doesn't follow through. There is as much work if not more on the front end creating the contract as there is enforcing it when something goes wrong. When it comes to legal contract help in the Los Angeles area, our attorneys are available and ready to assist.
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DUI Defense

A driving under the influence citation, or a DUI, is a serious offense that comes with real consequences for the rest of your life. Get help fighting your DUI in court from the California law firm of The Pirnia Law Group. Learn more about how our DUI attorneys can help you fight your DUI, minimize its impact on your life, and recover from this incident. Payment plans are available for those who need them. Call (310) 739-6779 to schedule a free legal consultation.
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Family Law

Everyone longs for "happily ever after" and fairytale endings in life, but so often that's not how real life works. Couples struggle with irreconcilable personal issues, children's lives are disrupted as parents argue over how to raise them in two different homes and sometimes issues escalate to the point where legal orders are required to keep someone away. Whatever your troubles are, the Pirnia Law Group is ready to help you work through them legally so that you can resume living a full and happy life with your family.
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Personal Injury

If you suffered a personal injury, you are faced with a long recovery, expensive medical bills, and diminished quality of life during recovery. After a car accident, dog bite, slip and fall, or traumatic brain injury, we can help you fight for your rights in a court of law. Learn more about how our Los Angeles attorneys can help you fight a personal injury battle in the courtroom by scheduling a free consultation today.
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