Family Law

Everyone longs for “happily ever after” and fairytale endings in life, but so often that’s not how real life works. Couples struggle with irreconcilable personal issues, children’s lives are disrupted as parents argue over how to raise them in two different homes and sometimes issues escalate to the point where legal orders are required to keep someone away. Whatever your troubles are, The Pirnia Law Group is ready to help you work through them legally so that you can resume living a full and happy life with your family.

Areas of Family Law

The Pirnia Law Group helps clients with:

Divorce- Let an attorney help with negotiating the terms of the settlement so that you’re not getting an unfair settlement that if harmful to your financial situation moving forward.

Custody- This is an emotionally charged issue and our attorneys can look at it from an outside perspective and fight for the rights of the children to ensure they’re given the best possible living arrangement.

Child Visitation- When you’re no longer part of your child’s every day life, you want to ensure that you have adequate time to bond with them and do your part in raising them. Your attorney will help you reach agreement on the terms of the visitation and can help modify them when needed.

Child Support- Raising kids is expensive, and even more challenging when you’re doing so on a single income. Child support allows you to provide a well-rounded upbringing for your children without draining your bank account.

Alimony- Depending on how long the marriage lasted, and the financial assets that the couple has, one partner may be eligible for alimony to cover their living costs.

Obtaining & Defending Restraining Orders- Sometimes it’s essential to keep a person away from you or your children so you need to get a restraining order. Likewise, maybe one has been unfairly imposed on you and you can’t see your children. No matter the situation, an attorney can help you with the situation.

Establishing Parentage- When there’s a dispute over the child’s biological parents, it’s essential to establish parentage so that the child can grow up knowing their father and receive financial support from him.

Work With The Pirnia Law Group

When family problems begin to arise, don’t wait to see if things resolve themselves; this rarely happens. Getting an experienced attorney involved early on allows both parties to come up with a solution sooner rather than later, when communication has dissolved and anger has intensified. Contact the Pirnia Law Group today to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your family law case.

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