Seth Dardashti

Seth Dardashti is a pioneer in the personal injury field. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of personal injury. Seth started his career working with the Pacific Attorney Group and learned the ropes through extensive pre-litigation case build up, investigation, case management and negotiations. Throughout the years he’s specialized in all aspects of personally injury claims including workers compensation, slip and falls, motorcycle accidents, automobile accidents, wrongful death and traumatic brain injuries. Seth has grossed over EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS in settlements for the clients he has worked with in his career. Seth is also the CEO and President of “S & S Investigations, a personal injury investigation company that provides a comprehensive pre-litigation attorney service, ranging from handling the initial accident sign up, to document imaging, servicing subpoenas, client transport, medical transport and all aspects of legal investigations. Your case will be in good hands with Seth managing it at the Pirnia Law Group.

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